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Language CollegeOur Lady's Convent High school became a Language College in September 1998. By January 2001, an extensive building programme had increased the size of the school by almost one third, the MFL Dept. moved in a new purpose built Communications suite, including a language multi-media room with 30 computers and interactive white boards. The MFL team received training as professional development. With immediate, easy access to the Internet and generic software, satellite TV and videoconferencing, the MFL team regularly uses new techniques to enhance Teaching and Learning. All languages classrooms have since been equipped with the latest interactive white board technology.

The Mission Statement Of Language Colleges

"Language Colleges will raise the standards of achievement in modern foreign languages for all their students across the ability range. They will be active learners in a learning society with their local families of schools and their communities, sharing resources and developing and sharing good practice. Language Colleges will promote an educational culture which is international, technological and vocational. They will raise the Post-16 participation rate in modern foreign languages, and provide young people with the skills needed to progress into employment, further training or higher education according to their individual abilities, aptitudes and ambitions."

Our Language College Aims:

  • To  become a Centre of Excellence for Languages.
  • To raise achievement and results by providing quality teaching and learning
  • To share facilities and expertise with our family of schools
  • To provide and promote language learning in our partner schools and in our local community
  • To prepare our students for living and working; in an International context

At Our Ladys, There Are Regular Opportunities To:

Learn a wide range of languages, both in Curriculum time and in twilight sessions.

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Use the latest information and communication technology to enhance teaching and learning.

  • Interactive software
  • Presentations
  • Team teach
  • Have regular contact with native speakers via exchanges, cultural, recreational and educational visits, electronic mail and video-conferences
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