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Dear Parents

I am delighted to report that in today’s assembly we were able to present a cheque for £1500 to our visiting colleagues from Khanya Secondary School in South Africa.  The money was raised by pupils and staff through a variety of events (including Ms Shasanya being sponsored to wear school uniform for the day!) and will help to build a much needed third classroom at the school.  Mr ‘Soks’ and Mr ‘Z’ return to South Africa tomorrow and we wish them a safe journey.

Also, already on their travels, are the group of pupils from Years 10-13 who are visiting China for an Immersion course in Mandarin Chinese, they are being accompanied by M. Martinon, Ms Harris and Ms Foley – we look forward to hearing news of their adventures next term.

Work Experience

In the midst of all the events happening this term, I omitted to mention the successful completion by Year 10 pupils of their Work Experience fortnight.  They returned to school on Monday 3rd July with many great stories about their taste of the world of work.  The vast majority had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found out just how tiring a full day’s work can be.  We were pleased to receive many positive and complimentary reports about their behaviour and attitude whilst in this different environment.  It is a very complex process to co-ordinate the successful placement of 120 pupils in almost as many different work places and I would like to thank Miss Kane for her commitment and perseverance in ensuring that all pupils were usefully ‘employed’.

Pupil Review Day – Wednesday 12th July 2006

Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend the recent review with their daughter, we trust that the individual interview will have helped pupils to focus on their key targets for next year.

School reports

Years 7 to 10 should all have received their end of year reports by now – if you have not yet seen your daughter’s then please telephone the school office to request a replacement.  Please return reply slips before the end of term, it is very important to ensure that this important record of progress has been received.

Trip to Highwire by Year 9 Science pupils – report from Dr Milroy

A group of Year 9 pupils went to Highwire in Hackney to undertake a project on the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power.  The work was spread over two single days in consecutive weeks, firstly they explored and discussed the science behind nuclear power and secondly, they debated the social and scientific reasons for and against its use.  The pupils recorded their ideas onto video to create mini-movies.  These movies will soon be available to view on the Highwire website at www.highwire.org.uk - any comments will be gratefully received!

Trip to Regents Park Open Air Theatre - report by Aimee Ward and Stephanie Hands

Mrs. Tierney’s Year 10 English group went to see a very enjoyable production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Open Air Theatre in Regents Park. Fortunately, the weather was not too hot so we could sit back and enjoy the performance. We thought the actor who played the part of Puck, the mischievous sprite, gave an excellent performance because he was very convincing. The production was all the more magical because of the setting and the experience enriched our study of the play.

Race for Life, Saturday 8th July – review by Leanne Cronin, 9H

Last Saturday, 9 pupils from Year 9 took part in the Race for Life for Cancer Research.  The race was 5km and we could walk, jog or run it.  Teachers also took part including: Miss Stobie, Miss Shasanya, Miss Foley and Dr Milroy – they all bravely ran the 5km.  It was so exciting at the starting line with the other 10,000 women, each of us had a message on the back of our T-shirts and reading other women’s messages inspired you to keep going and more determined to get across the finishing line.  All of us made it safely and in record time, it was an experience we will never forget and we will definitely do it again next year!

Year 9 Trip to Marchants Hill, Surrey – report by Athenia George & Genet Tefera

From Friday 30th June to Monday 3rd July 48 Year Nine pupils, went to a centre called PGL in Marchants Hill, Surrey. We took part in activities such as: Orienteering, Jacobs Ladder, Rifle Shooting, Zip Wire, Abseiling, Camp Craft, Initiative Exercise, Trapeze and many more. The activities helped all of us to work together as a team, overcome any fears such as heights, creepy crawlies and most of all socialise with people we wouldn’t usually do so.  It was a fantastic experience and we were so lucky with the wonderful weather.  The highlights were definitely the highly competitive rounders match and the water fight!!! 

Miss Nguyen, Mr Euden, Mr Plotz, Ms Shasanya, and Miss Foley accompanied us on our weekend away. We would like to express our appreciation to them for supervising us on the trip and making it such a memorable experience.

End of term arrangements

The final newsletter of the term will be issued on Thursday 20th July, giving details of the return to school in September, including our new registration time of 8.45am.

School will finish for the year at 1.05pm on Friday 21st July (there will be no lunch break on this day)

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs Jane Gray

Links Headteacher

DfES Post Sixteen
Mission Statement

Term Dates 2005-2006

Inclusive Term Dates Half Term Holiday Holidays

Autumn Term

Wednesday 7th September 2005
Wednesday 21st December 2005

Autumn Half Term

Friday 21st October 2005
Friday 28th October 2005 inclusive

Christmas Holidays

Thursday 22nd December 2005
Tuesday 3rd January2006

Spring Term

Wednesday 4th Janurary 2006
Friday 31st March 2006

Spring Half Term

Monday 13th February 2006
Friday 17th February 2006 inclusive

Easter Holidays

Monday 3rd April 2006
Monday 17th April 2006 inclusive

Summer Term

Tuesday 18th April 2006
Friday 21st July 2006

Summer Half Term

Monday 29th May 2006
Friday 2nd June 2006

Last Day of Summer Term

Friday 21st July 2006

Bank Holiday

Monday 1st May 2006

Inset Days, i.e. when pupils are on holiday but teachers are in school training
Monday 5th September 2005
Tuesday 6th September 2005
*Friday 21st October 2005

Dates of Internal Examinations

Dates for school examinations have not yet been finalised but these will be issued before the end of term.

Work Placements

Year 10 pupils go out for two week's work experience in order to sample the world of work as part of their general education. Most placements will be found for them by the Work Experience Centre of Hackney, and will consist of a wide variety of occupations. This organisation guarantees, in fact, to find and conduct health & safety checks on placements for every girl. This is very important for Our Lady's!

Each year many girls prefer to find their own placements, either through family contacts, or by directly approaching businesses themselves - perhaps a specific position in which they have an interest. If this is the case, they need to obtain a letter authorising them to do this, and the firm should fill in and sign a slip, confirming that a place is available, this should then be returned to the school. In order for Hackney to properly conduct the Health & Safety checks it is best to inform the school as soon as possible. In addition we will also expect the organisation to complete a form confirming that they have adequate insurance.

Work Experience has proved, over and over again in the past, to be an ideal introduction to girls' thinking about their future careers. I look forward to your co-operation in this venture.

Click on a link below to see a glimpse of businesses that Our Lady's regularly deals with and also the PSME outline given to support pupils.

Regular Partners
PMSME Programme

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