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Term Dates 2005-2006

Inclusive Term Dates Half Term Holiday Holidays

Autumn Term

Wednesday 7th September 2005
Wednesday 21st December 2005

Autumn Half Term

Friday 21st October 2005
Friday 28th October 2005 inclusive

Christmas Holidays

Thursday 22nd December 2005
Tuesday 3rd January2006

Spring Term

Wednesday 4th Janurary 2006
Friday 31st March 2006

Spring Half Term

Monday 13th February 2006
Friday 17th February 2006 inclusive

Easter Holidays

Monday 3rd April 2006
Monday 17th April 2006 inclusive

Summer Term

Tuesday 18th April 2006
Friday 21st July 2006

Summer Half Term

Monday 29th May 2006
Friday 2nd June 2006

Last Day of Summer Term

Friday 21st July 2006

Bank Holiday

Monday 1st May 2006

Inset Days, i.e. when pupils are on holiday but teachers are in school training
Monday 5th September 2005
Tuesday 6th September 2005
*Friday 21st October 2005

Dates of Internal Examinations

Dates for school examinations have not yet been finalised but these will be issued before the end of term.

Uniform For Years 7-11

Download Uniform checklist in pdf format: uniform checklist.pdf

Suppliers: Henry Taylor, 119-121 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London, E17 4RX, Tel: 020 85212413, Fax: 020 85090473

Required garment:

  • Navy raincoat/Navy kagoul/Navy jacket
  • Standard school scarf (optional)
  • French navy crimplene skirt - standard pattern
  • Blue/ polyester blouse - standard pattern
  • Sensible black shoes (NO TRAINERS FOR ORDINARY WEAR)
  • French navy V-neck pullover/cardigan
  • School blazer with embroidered pocket
  • Blue wrap-round gym skirt - standard pattern
  • Blue aertex blouse
  • Blue tracksuit - (optional)
  • Blue P.E. knickers or black/navy knee length cycling shorts
  • White/black plimsoles or trainers
  • Nylon/plastic light bag for carrying books round school
  • Brief case/closed bag - able to carry A4 files (not open basket/ duffle bag) for carrying books to and from school
  • Black tights or white socks must be worn at all times
  • Permitted Jewelery:
    • 1 wrist watch
    • 1 small stud earring in the lobe of each ear

Uniform for 6th Formers


  • White or black shirt with collar
  • White or black long sleeved T Shirt
  • Smart black tailored trousers or black skirt (knee length) and black tights
  • Black sensible shoes


  • Blue or white shirt with collar (tie optional)
  • Black jumper or cardigan
  • Black tailored trousers
  • Black sensible shoes

Students should not wear the following items:

  • Trainers
  • Sweatshirts with hoods
  • Sweatshirts or jumpers with logos
  • Multicoloured tops

While a limited amount of jewellery is allowed, it should not be excessive and large-hooped earrings, nose studs and nose rings are not permitted. Coats must not be worn around school but should be placed on the coat hangers provided in the Common Room.

Work Placements

Year 10 pupils go out for two week's work experience in order to sample the world of work as part of their general education. Most placements will be found for them by the Work Experience Centre of Hackney, and will consist of a wide variety of occupations. This organisation guarantees, in fact, to find and conduct health & safety checks on placements for every girl. This is very important for Our Lady's!

Each year many girls prefer to find their own placements, either through family contacts, or by directly approaching businesses themselves - perhaps a specific position in which they have an interest. If this is the case, they need to obtain a letter authorising them to do this, and the firm should fill in and sign a slip, confirming that a place is available, this should then be returned to the school. In order for Hackney to properly conduct the Health & Safety checks it is best to inform the school as soon as possible. In addition we will also expect the organisation to complete a form confirming that they have adequate insurance.

Work Experience has proved, over and over again in the past, to be an ideal introduction to girls' thinking about their future careers. I look forward to your co-operation in this venture.

Click on a link below to see a glimpse of businesses that Our Lady's regularly deals with and also the PSME outline given to support pupils.

Regular Partners
PMSME Programme

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