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Workshop and training seminars
Workshops and Training Seminars

Mindfreer Consultancy under Peter Craggs offers a range of empowering and exciting workshops that are uniquely designed for careers and guidance practitioners to facilitate positive and powerful changes in your clients, colleagues, and organization. The approach taken to deliver these training seminars/workshops is from NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Workshops/Training Seminars On Offer From January 2007

1. Creating Empowering States for Confidence and Motivation
  • How to create more confidence and maintain it.
  • Know how to build motivation and initiate positive change.
  • How to see how the mind creates states of being.
  • Be able to distinguish types of motivation.

And much, much more…!

2. Build and Consolidate Self-Esteem
  • How self-esteem can create positive states of being.
  • Be able to control and monitor your thoughts.
  • Know how to rebuild positive self-image to affect well-being.
  • Be able to behave flexibly and have more choices.

And much, much more…!

3. Powerful Language Patterns for Communication Excellence
  • How to get your message across effectively.
  • How to understand language that affects a person’s world.
  • Know the techniques of persuasion that either motivates others to do what they want.
  • How to find the values of others by asking the right questions.

And much, much more…!

4. Setting Goals and Achieving Them
  • Know how to create a compelling future.
  • Designing a Well-formed goal.
  • Build a vision that maintains success.
  • Get that “Go for it” feeling.

And… Coaching with NLP! More to follow…

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