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Peter giving a workshop on "Using NLP to Build Self Esteem" at the Marriott Hotel, June 9th 2005

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Welcome to MindFreer
Your Mind! - Unlimited thoughts, ingenuity, creativity, brilliance, excellence, imaginative… it can go on and on. But it can also create worry, depression, confusion, fear, anxiety, phobias and others.

At MindFreer, we can show you how to control the mind, and choose instead to program it to work positively most of the time, or if you really want all of the time! By control and choice we take that to mean Freedom - free to choose when you want to be confident, motivated, brilliant, at your most creative or imaginative. So being free is being in a state of control, being centred, being at your most resourceful, and therefore being empowered. I would ask you, wouldn’t you want more personal freedom? And isn’t having a choice better than not having a choice at all?

MindFreer under Peter Craggs would equip you with the techniques and tools to achieve this Freedom - to empower you in the areas of personal, professional, business or spiritual areas of life.

MindFreer bases its approach on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). So what is NLP? The abbreviations have the following meaning:

Neuro = Neurology, the mind and how we think
Linguistic = How we use language and how it affects us
Programming = How we sequence our actions to achieve our goals

Richard Bandler and John Grinder created NLP in the 1970s. Bandler, a student of mathematics at the University of Southern California Santa Cruz began working with John Grinder, then Assistant Professor of Linguistics. Together they modelled three people: Fritz Perls, the innovative psychologist and originator of Gestalt Therapy; Virginia Satir, the prime force behind family therapy; and Milton Erickson, the world famous hypnotherapist. To quote co-developer Richard Bandler:

'NLP is an attitude and a methodology which leave behind a trail of techniques'

Or as John Grinder put it:

'NLP is the influence of language on our mind and subsequent behaviour'

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